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7th Jun 2017

Room: Room 11A

Research funders and research organisations both require feedback on the progress, productivity and quality of the research they support. This information originates with researchers, but may be captured in a variety of systems including University CRIS/IR and funder systems. In 2014 all 7 national Research Councils (collectively referred to as RCUK) implemented a harmonised approach to the collection of research output data, currently supported by Researchfish Ltd. Researchers, research managers and funders want to find ways to capture this data once and achieve wide re-use of the information. This session will present the findings from the 2-year pilot interoperability project between 6 University CRIS/IR systems and Researchfish®, which involved bulk upload of publication-grant links, and outline plans for moving this functionality into production. We will also discuss the opportunities and challenges for extending interoperability to other output types, considering factors such as : – What will save most time i.e. after publications, what is largest type collected? • What do ROs have in their systems? • What is more important for funders? • What has a unique identifier to facilitate interoperability? • What tends to be specific to an institution, and so have little overlap to worry about, even if have no unique identifier?

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Key Learning Points:

Attendees will :

  • learn about improvements in interoperability between CRIS/IR and Researchfish;
  • feed into prioritisation mechanism for further improvements to interoperability;
  • hear from research managers on lessons learned from the 2 year pilot and, hopefully, avoid the same mistakes!

Presented By:

Anna ClementsUniversity of St Andrews
Gavin ReddickResearchfish Ltd

Additional Information:

Theme: Developing Proposals
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18
Date: 7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 11A

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