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Support to Attend Bursary 

As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure our events are as accessible as possible, we are pleased to announce a new Support to Attend bursary. The aim of the bursary is to provide financial support to early career RMA professionals and people with caring responsibilities attending the ARMA conference. 

Our new Support to Attend bursary is worth up to £500. This is NOT a free ticket, but financial assistance for members who have or can purchase a conference ticket (via their institution or individually,) but who need additional support with costs to allow them to attend. This may be to cover additional care or travel costs or even to pay for a partner to attend so they can care for an infant. All costs incurred (up to £500) will be reimbursed on receipt of an expense form and accompanying receipts in the usual way. This will be made available for up to 10 applicants who have been able to secure a conference ticket.



Applicants must be ARMA members.


The deadline for applications has now passed.  There is a conference registration bursary available.

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