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12:00 - 12:30
18th Jun 2019

Room: Meeting Room 1b

Tomorrow’s the deadline, you’re waiting on others to get back to you, and the budget’s a mess. Tensions are high and this is one of many bids on the go.

If this is your usual day-to-day, what’s life like for your applicant – and, for that matter, your colleague sitting beside you, the Head of School, or those who work for the funder? Our aim is to unpick and map out these various, and often competing, perspectives and needs, and recognise our own amidst them.

Our workshop is an opportunity for honesty and openness. We’ll share our own experiences and approaches to communicating empathically with colleagues and those we support, and we’d like to hear yours.

This interactive workshop is designed around group discussion and useful activities to creatively think through cultivating empathy in ourselves and others in order to offer better support in our roles; by doing so our aim is to find approaches and avenues to build trusting relationships, resilience, and greater understanding – both within our own research support teams and the academics and funders with whom we engage – to navigate the increasing pressures, increasing targets, and increasing anxieties of our present and future funding landscape.

Presented By:

Dr Tania CleavesResearch Facilitator, University of Birmingham
Dr Liese PerrinResearch Development Manager, University of Birmingham

Additional Information:

Theme: Culture, environment & people
Level: Open to all
Time: 12:00 - 12:30
Date: 18th Jun 2019
Room: Meeting Room 1b

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