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09:45 - 10:20
17th Jun 2019

Room: Meeting Room 2b

A research proposal lies dead. Suspicion falls on the funders but are they really to blame for the murder?

You have an academic in mourning, and research office in pain – or perhaps even seeking revenge – but how much were you and they to blame for the untimely death of an innovative research idea?

In this session, expert funding pathologists from the capital city of crime writing, Boz Czarnecki and Al Innes (University of Edinburgh) will take a forensic look into the scene of the crime. This session will provide a set of pathways to build a coherent strategy for pre-cycling, upcycling and the re-submission of research proposals – making them less likely to meet an untimely death.

In this interactive workshop we’re going to task you with exploring the reasons why proposals wind up dead, what techniques you employ to keep them from that fate; and contextualise a number of questions to do with unsuccessful proposals.

Drawing on their extensive knowledge and experience of the funding landscape your session hosts will send you away with a newly developed methodology for building a more resilient culture and strategic approach to proposal development, for this life and the next.


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Theme: Funding & development
Level: Open to all
Time: 09:45 - 10:20
Date: 17th Jun 2019
Room: Meeting Room 2b

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