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7th Jun 2017

Room: Room 13

The global research environment is changing. There is a strong need for integration between data sources, research analytics tools and information management systems that connect different workflows across the research life cycle. As research funding becomes more competitive, institutions are getting more strategic about how they support their research talent, identify potential areas for growth and position themselves in the global arena. Bibliometrics is an essential tool in conducting in-depth analyses of your institution’s role in research, as well as producing focused snapshots that showcase particular aspects of research performance and impact.

Key Learning Points:

During this workshop Clarivate Analytics will demonstrate how InCites research analytical tool is being used by the community at strategic levels. Topics will include:

  • Benchmarking of organizations 
  • Tracking and monitoring collaborative research
  • Identifying potential partners for funding specific projects
  • Publishing in areas of strategic interest or specific topic areas
  • Research management data integration

Presented By:

Dr Evangelia A.E.C. LipitakisResearch Analytics Consultant, Clarivate Analytics

Additional Information:

Theme: Management Information
Level: Leadership, Management, Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18
Date: 7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 13

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