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6th Jun 2017

Room: Room 7

The new Health Research Authority (HRA) has changed the landscape for NHS governance for both commercial and non commercial sponsors. This will be an interactive session sharing experience on the impact of the new HRA processes on universities and other non commercial sponsors. Case studies for both IMP and non IMP studies will be shared to illustrate the change management challenge in a Russell group University with a substantial portfolio of clinical studies, and attendees will be asked to bring examples of process changes they have implemented to support academic researchers. The benefits and challenges of working with differing NHS organisations and their approach to the HRA and the new CCC process will be reflected on, and participants will be asked to work together to produce some simple tool kits to support cross NHS working. We will also look at the impact of the NHS changes on University ethical review processes where they need to interact with the HRA to provide NHS governance approval. The session will provide lots of time to work in small groups to share knowledge and the outcomes will be fed back to the HRA through their feedback processes.

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Key Learning Points:

  • a network of professional support
  • some simple tools to support compliance based on group experience
  • the opportunity to feedback to the HRA on the process to date

Presented By:

Clare SkinnerUniversity of Leeds
Ms Louise BrookUniversity of Leeds

Additional Information:

Theme: Policy and Governance
Level: Management
Time: 01:23
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 7

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