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01:18 - 05:45
8th Jun 2016

Room: Norfolk

A family emergency, a desire to try out a new career, the birth of a child: what motivates academics to take a break from research?

What is the impact of a career break on research outputs? And what are the challenges and opportunities for those looking to re-launch a research career after a prolonged break?

Earlier this year,, and Research Media conducted an online survey to gather researcher perspectives on career breaks and their perceived and real impact. The survey attracted over 5,000 responses from researchers worldwide – making it the largest study of its kind into academic career breaks.

In this interactive session, our presenters will provide attendees with a summary of the findings and drive the debate about what it all means. This subject is of substantial interest and intervention, yet still surrounded by a sense that we haven’t got the solution quite right yet. We therefore hope that this session will provide attendees with powerful insights to help support those considering taking a career break or returning to research.

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Theme: Policy and Governance
Level: Leadership
Time: 01:18 - 05:45
Date: 8th Jun 2016
Room: Norfolk

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