ARMA Annual Conference 2016 Arkivum

Exhibitor No: 2

Arkivum provide data archiving services to a range of industries including higher education, healthcare and heritage. These services assure the long-term value, trustworthiness and authenticity of data irrespective of whether it’s terabytes or petabytes being archived, and irrespective of whether the retention period is a few years, a decade, or a quarter of a century.  Through active data curation, chain of custody and ISO 27001 compliance, Arkivum are able to provide a unique 100% data integrity guarantee. Backed by indemnity insurance, this is a commitment to protect, curate and preserve data for the future and to eliminate the needless loss of information and knowledge.  Arkivum work with a range of partners to deliver integrated solutions for data discovery and sharing; publishing; file format preservation; and information portals.