Anne Priest is the Research Development Manager for international development in the University of Bath’s Research and Innovation Services (RIS). Her work includes identifying opportunities and developing high-quality research proposals, providing support and skills development for improving grant proposal outcomes. Anne joined the University in 2016. Before this she worked at the Natural Environment Research Council as a Programme Manager. Anne has a Master’s in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia and a PhD in Biology from the University of the Bath.


15:45 - 17:00
17th Jun 2019
Meeting Room 3a

Creating a dedicated space to kick start the writing process: creative approaches to building resilience

Demands on the time of both academics and professional services continues to grow – especially against a backdrop of shorter funder deadlines and institutionally set demands around preparing for REF as examples. We have used both Writing Retreats and Writing Sprints as easily adaptable tools to counter time-related stresses, providing a positive space and structure

Theme: Funding & development
Level: Open to all
Speakers:Sarah Jones, Dr Anne Priest, Dr Emma Gibbard
Time: 15:45 - 17:00
Date: 17th Jun 2019
Room: Meeting Room 3a