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Resilient research information management – stewardship, partnership and advocacy

Date & Time:

18th June 2019
11:15 - 12:30


Hall 2b

Researchers and their teams spend nearly half of their time on administration rather than research. Some administrative burden is expected for good management and compliance but duplication & complexity is on the rise in the administrative information being collected from researchers (proposals, CVs, institutional and funder reporting, etc.) – there is a dual problem of so much researcher burden coupled with largely poor research intelligence. Research offices are at the epicentre of the multiple processes across multiple funders and stakeholders that drive this increasingly burdensome information collection, and are expected to have the answers to questions of research intelligence. It is a community problem that therefore needs a community solution; one grounded in the principles of information stewardship, partnership and advocacy. In this interactive session we will review the scope and scale of the challenge and the importance of working together to effect change on behalf of our researchers, building a more resilient eco-system of research information management. Through the lens of a small number of existing projects (e.g. CRediT – a harmonized way to answer the question: what role did you play on this output) we will demonstrate how it is possible to reduce burden whilst improving research intelligence

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Presented by:

Jennifer Stergiou - Director of Research & Innovation Service, Northumbria University

Dr Simon Kerridge - Director of Research Services, University of Kent

Valerie McCutcheon - Research Information Manager at University of Glasgow


Theme: Policy & strategy
Level: Open to all
Date: 18th June 2019
Time: 11:15 - 12:30
Room: Hall 2b