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Developing the Cambium spirit – encouraging initiative, building resilience and focusing on the future

Date & Time:

17th June 2019
15:45 - 17:00


Hall 2a

Research Departments are under pressure to bring in as much research income as possible and support researchers in finding innovative solutions and new partnerships. They have to do so in an environment of political uncertainty, budgetary challenges and complex relationships – and in a way that ensures they are able to continue to attract, motivate and retain the skilled and experienced research staff that constitute the ‘front line’.

Simple structural changes to organisation hierarchy, cost cutting and centralised control are the default responses across the public sector to these kind of challenges but these approaches do not get the most from experienced professionals and people committed to providing high quality services. To deliver innovative solutions to complex problems means not just addressing structures and processes but engaging teams and people in a way that builds organisation spirit – encouraging initiative and  proactivity, enabling responsible risk taking, developing effective relationships internally, influencing others externally, building organisation resilience, and focusing on the future not the past.

The challenges in the universities are similar to those in other parts of the public sector. This interactive and practical  session will be focused around the lessons that Research Departments can learn from Your Healthcare, a membership owned Social Enterprise operating in the Health and Care sector and the steps taken to develop and build resilience and risk taking and improve leadership across the organisation through its Exemplar Platform and Cambium Leadership Programme.

We’ll discuss how Your Healthcare is creating the environment to enable risks to be taken, supporting confidence growth, building resilience and creating psychological safety, delivering training in a systematic way rather than expecting people to just cope within complex environments they find themselves in.  You will get a chance to understand more about your own resilience and approach to risk. There will be plenty to think about discuss and take away!

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Presented by:

Ed Montgomery - Managing Director, Your Healthcare

Dr Richard Plenty - Managing Director, This Is


Theme: Guest session
Level: Open to all
Date: 17th June 2019
Time: 15:45 - 17:00
Room: Hall 2a