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Creating a dedicated space to kick start the writing process: creative approaches to building resilience

Date & Time:

17th June 2019
15:45 - 17:00


Meeting Room 3a

Demands on the time of both academics and professional services continues to grow – especially against a backdrop of shorter funder deadlines and institutionally set demands around preparing for REF as examples. We have used both Writing Retreats and Writing Sprints as easily adaptable tools to counter time-related stresses, providing a positive space and structure for resilient writing. This workshop introduces models we have adapted to move academics from solitary iterative writing to a time-bounded and supported group process; as well as moving professional services towards a one-to-many philosophy, at least at the initial stages of development. Some potential uses are facilitating time-limited meetings of collaborators; guiding early career researchers; and developing impact case studies. This workshop will explore the two concepts, 1) Writing sprints which provide a start from scratch method; 2) Writing retreats that ensure academics are following guidance and receiving real-time feedback as they write. We will talk about examples of using these tools, the success and challenges, and demonstrate a mini writing sprint leading to a group discussion on nurturing creativity in sector approaches. This workshop is aimed at those who work with academics to write compelling content such as impact managers and research development managers.

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Presented by:

Sarah Jones - Impact Development and Evaluation Manager, University of Bath

Dr Anne Priest - Research Development Manager, University of Bath

Dr Emma Gibbard - Research Impact Manager, University of Bath


Theme: Funding & development
Level: Open to all
Date: 17th June 2019
Time: 15:45 - 17:00
Room: Meeting Room 3a