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Navigating the Funding Forest

Lead Authors

Mrs Judith Wood (Research Support Administrator, University of Birmingham)


Helen Lambert (Research Facilitator, University of Birmingham)

Sourcing and disseminating funding opportunities effectively is a vital, everyday task for a successful research support office but also a trial when working across a large group of researchers from diverse disciplines, at different career-stages and often with very different research activities in mind. We aim to take you on a guided walk through the ‘funding forest’ and give an overview of the methods and resources employed by our team in finding the most appropriate opportunities and ensuring they reach the right people at the right time. We will demonstrate how our funding blog creates a novel platform for collating and disseminating a plethora of research funding information in a timely and targeted manner. As an insightful tool for both research and research support staff, this can be used to compliment a range of more traditional dissemination techniques and support researchers to find the best route through the ‘funding forest!’

Key Messages

Useful tools and techniques for finding and disseminating research funding information.
How to effectively and efficiently support a large and diverse group of academics.
Enabling academics to take ownership of key processes