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Tweet Tweet: How Twitter works in a Research Office

Lead Authors

Ms. Fiona Millar (Research Funding Officer, University of Stirling)


Ms. Heather Allan (Research Funding Officer, University of Stirling); Ms. Rachel Beaton (Research Policy Officer, University of Stirling)

More and more academics are turning to social media as a means of communicating with each other, students and policy makers, as well as disseminating their research work. However, use of Twitter by research offices across the UK varies greatly – why? Isn’t it time that research offices joined in the conversation? Twitter offers the power to project research achievements and activities across the globe in a timely and cost-effective manner. Yet the use of Twitter can be a time consuming challenge for leanly-resourced offices that do not have social media/communications expertise. The immediacy and reach of the platform can also be nerve-wrecking as we strive to avoid saying the wrong thing or inadvertently starting a scandal! So, how can Twitter be used to benefit research offices? What are the lessons that should be heeded as well as the potential pitfalls with engaging with this new communication channel?

Key Messages

Scared to use Twitter in your research office? How we overcame our fears and use Twitter to engage and disseminate our research activities.
The realities and practicalities of a research office using Twitter.
The opportunities and considerations when expanding the use of social media, beyond Twitter, by a research office.