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Too many fish in the sea?

Lead Authors

Mrs Tina Woods (WISERD Administration Manager, Cardiff University)

The poster will seek to highlight and stimulate debate on the challenges and issues faced by a large inter-institutional and multi-disciplinary research institute in recording output data whilst adhering to individual funder, Open Access and institutional requirements.  Whist there is much work across the academic community to address interoperability between output management systems, a comprehensive solution is currently some way off.  Research institutes such as the Wales Institute of Social & Economic Research, Data and Methods (WISERD) have an immediate obligation to comply with funder and REF requirements, particularly with regard to RCUK funded research and the mandatory requirements to log all activity through ResearchFish.    This poster will set out the challenges that WISERD faces in ensuring that’s its vast multi-institutional academic community comply with these many requirements, whilst recognising the resource implications in terms of staff time and duplication of effort, and accuracy of information given the amount of researchers entering data.

Key Messages

The multiplicity of output recording systems and complexity of implementing a single solution in (a) one HEI and (b) across multiple HEI’s.
Demonstrate how these reporting obligations can be a potential barrier to collaboration between HEI’s
Highlight what WISERD is doing to engage it’s academic community to ensure compliance across its constituent HEIs