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The Diva, OSR and CPI

Lead Authors

Cynthia Bellas (Chief Strategic Officer, IRB Advisors)

The current economic crisis threatens the scientific funding budget and with it, the pace of scientific discovery. Rather than implementing reactive cost reduction strategies, it is time for research institutions to adopt long term, sustainable approaches to cost control. Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) can have a dramatic effect on productivity, cost and quality within the Research setting. (Axelrod, 2011)In October of 2011, the Office of Sponsored Research at Seattle Children’s Research Institute embarked on the CPI journey massively transforming our processes and culture. The results have been dramatic and completely worth every research institution’s attention.

Key Messages

Evaluate the SCRI CPI OSR experience and analyze whether or not the principles of the Toyota Way and lean management are valuable to their institution.
Identify foundational understanding of CPI basics and language which engage people in collaborative, in-depth problem solving that addresses root causes of issues.
Offer means of productivity and assessment