Mr Rob Johnson (Director, Research Consulting)
Ms Amy Firth (Marketing and Communications Manager, PraxisUnico ); Dr Mattia Fosci (Consultant, Research Consulting)


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The poster will presents the findings of an original piece of market research commissioned by PraxisUnico and conducted by Research Consulting. The research survey was commissioned in response to the lack of current data on the number and type of Knowledge Exchange and Commercialisation (KEC) practitioners in UK universities, with three objectives: 1. To quantify the size of the KEC profession and gain insights into KEC professionals’ activities and needs, relationships and structure 2. To set a benchmark which can be used to track future trends in the size and composition of the profession 3.To use the findings to raise awareness of the profession and the contribution it makes There is significant overlap between the KEC and research management communities, and we believe many of the findings will therefore be of interest to ARMA members. The results will be presented in the form of infographics to maximise visual appeal.

Key Messages

How many people work in KEC at UK universities, and what they do.
What KEC professionals think about their role.
What are the biggest challenges facing the KEC profession.