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Jisc’s Open Access Services

Lead Authors

Dr Frank C. Manista (Senior Open Access Support Coordinator, Jisc)


Dr Neil Jacobs (Head of Scholarly Communications, Jisc); Tom Davey (User Experience Specialist, Jisc)

Jisc is committed to developing services in support of Open Access, covering a range of institutional requirements to address the complexity of the OA landscape, and our poster illustrates in two integrated visualisations how we are doing that. They focus on the publication lifecycle, from submission to a journal to monitoring compliance to integrating institutional systems through to measuring impact and usage. The visualisations themselves are dynamic in nature, and the poster shows how Jisc is moving to simplify institutional workflows and integrate Jisc systems in order to help institutions implement Open Access. Jisc’s services are relevant to researchers and information professionals because they meet the need to identify, establish, enable and exchange good practice in research management and administration. The UK is at the forefront of these efforts, and Jisc’s OA services for the UK have world-wide recognition, applicability and potential benefits.

Key Messages

Jisc’s thematic presentation of its offer of Open Access Services.
The integrated process covering the publication lifecycle.
Jisc’s involvement in working to harmonise the complexities of the OA landscape.