Mr Andrew Kirchner (REF Delivery Executive, Cranfield University)
Dr Richard Kwiatkowski (Head of Research Excellence, Cranfield University); Michelle Everitt (Research Grants Coordinator, Cranfield University); Brenda Roshier (Research Grants Coordinator, Cranfield University)

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Cranfield University has implemented a new system for managing research ethics approval for all the research projects that it undertakes. Prior to adopting the new system, the University had three separate ethics review processes. It recognised that a unified system would support consistency in the approach to ethics and would align with the University’s recent internal re-organisation. Two of the previous ethics processes were entirely paper-based, whilst the other was online using a system developed in-house. However, administrator functionality had become extremely time-consuming and unsustainable. The University felt that a new system purchased from an external supplier was the best option for rapidity and to guarantee full technical support. After a rigorous selection process, a supplier was chosen. This poster describes the way the complex process flows were accommodated, the stages of the implementation process and the resultant benefits now that that the system is live.

Key Messages

Challenges faced in implementing an ethics approval system
How the vendor was selected
Resultant benefits of the live system and lessons learnt