Mark Smith (Research Manager (Science & Technology in Medicine), Keele University)
Sheena Bateman (Research Officer (Humanities and Social Sciences), Keele University)

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A visual, film-themed poster in two halves.   1.“Brief Encounter” – to pick out what “gold standard” support for a researcher looks like. A beautiful but fleeting interaction, the research manager is respected for adding value to a grant application and looks forward to working with the researcher again.   2. “Indecent Proposal” – identifying and avoid rushed, demanding, unsatisfactory interactions with some researchers which leaves the research manager feeling rather “used”.   Text will focus on the characteristics of each interaction, giving an ideas of how culture and process can help to turn the worst into the best. Evidence based on survey of experiences of Research Managers in three faculties at Keele University.

Key Messages

“Gold standard” research support is achievable.
Identify and focus on aspects where research managers can add value to a grant application.
Learning points to turn negative interactions into positive ones next time.