Ms Susi Poli (Senior Advisor, Higher Education and Research management, Ama Mater Studiorum Bologna University)
Ms Mirjam Siesling (Subsidy Advisor, Tilburg School of Economics and Management, Tilburg University (NL); Dr Aygen Kurt-Dickson (Research Development Manager, LSE)


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This poster aims to address blended professionals, a concept developed by Whitchurch describing those who ‘cross internal/external institutional boundaries and contribute to the development of new forms of third space between professional and academic domains’ ; and how they are placed in different contexts of HE in Europe. With reference to the Dutch and UK HE sector and national research policy frameworks, the practical focus is on Tilburg University and LSE. An introduction underlying blended professionals will explore these profiles from the outset of their development. It will mention policy contexts driving universities to be more strategic, and academics to upskill themselves in winning grants and generating impact. Since there is a visible increase in the HE sector for blended professionals as research and knowledge brokers; and professional (closed) networks emerging both in the Dutch and UK terrains, it is significant to capture how this concept works in practical terms.

Key Messages

What it means to be a blended professional and the concept of third space.
How research policy environment(s) push these spaces in a planned or unplanned manner.
The contribution of such professionals in research support mechanisms in two cases: Tilburg and LSE