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A new model of training for doctoral Supervisors at Bournemouth University

Lead Authors

Dr Julia Taylor (Graduate School Academic Manager, Bournemouth University)


Dr Fiona Kelly (Graduate School Academic Manager, Bournemouth University); Clare Cutler (Research Skills Development Officer, Bournemouth University)

Providing new and experienced supervisors with developmental training is vital in ensuring doctoral students receive excellent supervision, tailored to fit the requirements of the contemporary PhD. However, supervisory training is often heavily taught and does not allow for reflection and discussion, hence fewer supervisors attend. The poster will highlight a new model which Bournemouth University (BU) has been trialing in 2015-16. This draws upon the knowledge and insight of groups comprising of the most senior and experienced academics at BU, where the agenda is set by the interest and preoccupations of the academics themselves. It includes Supervisors’ Essential Knowledge Tests, interactive themed sessions, online modules and case study approaches. This innovative model tackles the key challenges of supervisory training and offers an alternative process to create a stronger doctoral supervisory community and increase attendance at training sessions, working towards enhancing the quality of our research degrees.

Key Messages

Alternative approaches to supervisory training.
Examples of best practice in the continuous enhancement of training schemes.
Innovation in the methods used to evolve and develop training schemes.