Valerie is an experienced information manager who is passionate about working together to deliver requirements efficiently with minimal cost to the tax payer. She is well known in the community for sharing best practice. From 2000-2012 as part of the role of Operation Manager for Research and Enterprise at the University of Glasgow she led developments to the Research System. The system had been installed in 1994 and new business requirements including a more user-friendly front end and costing functionality to facilitate compliance with Full Economic Costing requirements had to be delivered. She has driven forward integration of the repository with other core systems. From 2012 she moved to the library to focus more on new requirements for Research Output management. As Research Information Manager she is currently responsible for Open Access, Research Data Management and reporting of research outcomes to funders. Valerie is the Association of Research Managers and Administrators (ARMA) Open Access Group Special Interest Group Champion, CASRAI UK chair and a member of the RCUK Open Access Practitioner’s Group. Prior to working at the University of Glasgow Valerie has a long history of managing data and information for a range of business sectors including land surveys, seismic surveys, gas and oil well datasets, clinical trials, financial services, and software houses.


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