ARMA Annual Conference 2016 Richard Brooks

Richard Brooks is a senior project manager for Coventry University and for the University Alliance ‘Hidden Story’ project. He has extensive experience of knowledge exchange from managing a portfolio of projects at Coventry University’s Enterprise (CUE) subsidiary, as well as working at a strategic level within regional LEPs.


6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 13

Knowledge Exchange in the Creative Economy: The Hidden Story

Knowledge exchange in the Creative Economy is often associated with large funded projects, but there is a ‘hidden story’ of academic and research-student interactions that remains unreported and under-exploited.  In a project funded by the AHRC (‘The Hidden Story’), University Alliance institutions have worked together to shine light on these activities by utilising new big

Theme: Translation
Level: Leadership
Speakers:Richard Brooks, Prof. Alex Williams, Prof. Jon Dovey
Time: 15:45
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 13