Kirsty joined Heriot-Watt University in 2016 as Research Strategy Advisor within the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Kirsty supports the Director of Research in fostering a supportive, vibrant, strategic and ambitious research and innovation culture that enables individuals and groups to maximise the quality, volume, and reach of their activities in research, innovation and knowledge translation. Key responsibilities include: development and implementation of School-level research policy and strategy, leadership of research development support, oversight of REF2021 preparedness, and use of research analytics to support research assessment and performance monitoring. Kirsty also coordinates the management activities of the EPSRC Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Laser-Based Production Processes. Prior to joining Heriot-Watt, Kirsty worked as Research and Knowledge Exchange Data Manager within the Research Strategy and Innovation Office at the University of Glasgow. Notable achievements include: management of institution-level REF2014 data, development of a metrics-based institutional KPI for research output quality, and embedding the use of research analytics to inform institution-level research and knowledge exchange strategy as a core function of the Office. Kirsty has a PhD in Geoarchaeology and over three years of experience working as a PDRA.


6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3A

Use of research analytics to inform strategic decision making in Schools and Institutes

Research analytics can be defined as any indicator of research activity or performance; commonly used data sources include HESA, University research management systems, REF2014, and bibliometric databases and performance assessment tools. The true power of research analytics is realised when data is brought together from multiple sources to answer important questions around research activity and

Theme: Information Management and Related Functions
Level: Operational / Administration
Speakers:Dr Kirsty Collinge, Alice Gee
Time: 15:45
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3A