Julie Bayley is an academic researcher and impact specialist, and has worked in research and research management for over 13 years. She is an applied researcher in Health Psychology with an extensive research and intervention portfolio underscored by her expertise in behaviour change and research implementation. Julie recently finished a secondment as Coventry University’s Impact Officer, supporting impact through strategy development, funding bid support and running training. Julie has a national reputation for building impact capacity and best practice in the sector, and won the 2015 ARMA Impact Award. Julie is co-champion of the ARMA Impact Special Interest Group, runs impact training through her position on ARMA’s T&D committee and sits on the CASRAI Impact working group. Having recently returned to her academic post, she is currently collaborating internationally on the development of standards for knowledge broker competencies and developing the concept of impact literacy to improve sector understanding of impact related job functions, implications for career development and broader comprehension of impact delivery.  Julie has also just been commissioned by the National Institute for Health Research to undertake an impact review of their ‘Invention for Innovation’ (i4i) funding scheme which catalyses potential medical interventions into viable products for development.


7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3A

Research Impact: Practice, Policy and Challenges

The Research Impact Special Interest Group is a lively and active group, and has been a popular session at previous conferences. This session will provide an opportunity to meet new colleagues and share good practice between those working in knowledge exchange and impact. We will provide space for and facilitate discussion across a wide range

Theme: SIG, Translation
Level: Operational / Administration
Speakers:Elizabeth Garcha, Julie Bayley
Time: 14:00
Date: 7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3A