Lindsay joined Edinburgh Napier University in November 2015 as a Research and Innovation Manager and is now  Leader for Research Information in the Research and Innovation Office in. Before joining Edinburgh Napier, Lindsay worked in the Research Office at Edinburgh University. Prior to working in research management she was a postdoctoral researcher for 8 years at Universities including Edinburgh University, Jagellonian University (Poland) and the University of Hertfordshire. Her research background was in biomedical sciences with a PhD at Edinburgh Napier University and BSc at Strathclyde University.


6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 4B

Implementing an End-to-End Research Management System

Edinburgh Napier University worked in partnership with Worktribe to develop and implement an end-to-end research management system supporting the full research cycle. We are the first University to implement the full system provided by Worktribe. This session will discuss the motivation for taking this approach, present the benefits we have realised and the challenges on

Theme: Management Information
Level: Management
Speakers:Prof Jessie Kennedy, Jon Hackney, Dr Lindsay Ramage
Time: 11:30
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 4B