In her role as Research Development Manager (RDM) at LSE, Aygen focuses on increasing research bidding activity by providing strategic funding plans for academic departments; delivering training on funding matters and grant writing skills; developing research concepts into fundable projects; and extending networks with relevant actors related to multidisciplinary social sciences research. Aygen has a PhD in Innovation Studies, which she studied as a Jean Monnet scholar (partially funded by the European Commission). Before joining the LSE, she worked as research fellow in an EU FP7 Science in Society project, researching on ethical/social implications and governance of technological development process.


6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 11B

SIG Session: Revisiting Research Development in a Dynamic Funding Landscape

The practice of research development and its role within institutions across the community is varied and dynamic in its nature, with varying perspectives on exactly what these roles are in place to help facilitate with localised, contextual specific support. There is a need as a SIG to better understand how the concept and practise of

Theme: Developing Proposals, SIG
Level: Operational / Administration
Speakers:Lorna Wilson, Dr Aygen Kurt-Dickson
Time: 11:30
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 11B