Andrea Michalek co-founded Plum Analytics, with the vision of bringing more modern ways of telling the stories of research to individuals and organizations that fund, perform or publish research. Previously Andrea founded and was the Chief Technologist of EchoFactor, a spin-off division of Infonautics, that auto-categorized the open web into thousands of topic-based news feeds. In 2001, Andrea founded Topular LLC, a consulting practice where she served as an interim technology executive for software companies. Through her consulting, she has helped dozens of startups successfully launch their products. In 2007 Andrea helped launch the Summon® web-scale discovery service at Serials Solutions where she was Director of Technology. In 2013, Andrea and her Plum Analytics team joined EBSCO Information Services as a wholly owned subsidiary. Andrea earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computational biology from Carnegie Mellon University and a Masters of Science in computer science from Villanova University. She lives in the Philadelphia, PA USA area with her husband and two children.


7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 4A

Can You Measure the Impact of Clinical & Translational Science? Thinking Beyond Citations

Funders and funding agencies are looking for more evidence of societal impact of research. A 2013 article titled, “Citation Analysis May Severely Underestimate the Impact of Clinical Research as Compared to Basic Research” confirmed that there are “…large differences in citation practices between research areas. Low-impact research areas tend to focus on clinical intervention research,

Theme: Management Information
Level: Management
Speakers:Andrea Michalek
Time: 11:30
Date: 7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 4A