Alice is Policy and Business Intelligence Manager for the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences (MVLS) at the University of Glasgow. Her responsibilities include: reporting to senior management regarding research activity throughout the College, including advising and informing research policy/procedures; coordinating and providing advice on the College’s submission to the Research Excellence Framework; analysis of management information to inform College research strategy; and oversight of data quality and data governance for the College. Alice has a BSc (Hons) in Molecular Biology from the University of Glasgow and experience as a post-graduate researcher in the Department of Rheumatology, University of Birmingham. She then moved to Sussex to work as Research Manager at Action Medical Research before moving back to Glasgow, joining the Faculty of Medicine as Faculty Research Manager prior to becoming Head of Research Administration for the College of MVLS. Her most recent role now focusses on management information and business intelligence to support and inform strategic decision making. This has given her a breadth of experience of the issues and challenges facing academic research from varying perspectives as a researcher, from the funder’s viewpoint, as well as an in depth understanding of university policy and processes.


6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3A

Use of research analytics to inform strategic decision making in Schools and Institutes

Research analytics can be defined as any indicator of research activity or performance; commonly used data sources include HESA, University research management systems, REF2014, and bibliometric databases and performance assessment tools. The true power of research analytics is realised when data is brought together from multiple sources to answer important questions around research activity and

Theme: Information Management and Related Functions
Level: Operational / Administration
Speakers:Dr Kirsty Collinge, Alice Gee
Time: 15:45
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3A