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14:00 - 15:15
17th Jun 2019

Room: Meeting Room 3b

The dual support system is at the heart of public funding of research and development within the UK, but its role is sustaining the success of the research sector is often overlooked. This mixed funding model comprises strategically targeted investment through the research councils delivered in parallel to block grant funding awarded to universities through the funding councils; the balance of funding between these arms underpins the characteristics of much of the UK research environment it supports.

Balancing funding is a key issue for both universities and funders. Universities receive funding from a wide range of sources, each with different requirements, and must use this funding to deliver the huge range of activities delivered by a modern institution. Funders, on the other hand, must manage their funding to most effectively support a wide range of activities to meet both the needs of their stakeholders and their investors.

This interactive session will explore some of the challenges in balancing funding from the perspectives of both research organisations and funders. Attendees will be asked to explore the balance of funding within their institution and how they might react to external changes impacting their funding and the sustainability of their institution.

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Theme: Funding & development
Level: Leadership
Time: 14:00 - 15:15
Date: 17th Jun 2019
Room: Meeting Room 3b

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