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6th Jun 2017

Room: Room 11B

The practice of research development and its role within institutions across the community is varied and dynamic in its nature, with varying perspectives on exactly what these roles are in place to help facilitate with localised, contextual specific support. There is a need as a SIG to better understand how the concept and practise of research development is placed within institutional research support systems in the UK; how it is contextualised and what it means for individuals working in these roles, so that we can move forward as a community and create an engaging platform for all SIG members to interact with.

The session will begin with a short interactive digitally facilitated discussion, before revisiting the idea of mapping “research development” in order to understand the concept from a) institutional perspectives; and b) individual perspectives across the SIG community. Following and reflecting on this mapping, we will then start to consider how this relates to the changing funding landscape, the creation of UKRI and Brexit, contemplating how we might respond to this as development professionals, and how the SIG could contribute to the evolution of the sector as we move towards a post-disciplinary landscape.

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Key Learning Points:

Having attended the session, delegates will have gained a better understanding of:
– how the concept and practice of research development is placed within institutional support systems.
– how this practice is approached from varying contextual and individual perspectives.
– how research development professionals are adapting to the changing landscape in the face of UKRI and Brexit.

Presented By:

Lorna WilsonNewcastle University
Dr Aygen Kurt-DicksonLondon School of Economics

Additional Information:

Theme: Developing Proposals, SIG
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 11B

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