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6th Jun 2017

Room: Room 11B

Research leaders, managers, professional services staff and principal investigators are seeking ways to maximise the impact of academic research. Impact planning is now part of most funding proposals and will feature in REF 2021. However, impact is a complex concept and research leaders and managers need to be ready to advise staff on how to understand, develop and evidence impact. With support from the UK higher education funding councils, the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education has worked with six academic learning partners to develop a research-based toolkit for research leaders and managers. The toolkit is a free resource that is being made available to UK universities (see It is informed by previous research on a subsample of 1,309 impact case studies submitted to REF 2014 (Full report at The purpose of this interactive session is to introduce the toolkit and to allow participants to explore how it may support their work. The session is open to all delegates interested in maximising research impact, particularly PVCs Research, research managers and administrators, Managers of Enterprise, Innovation Offices, Impact Champions/Leads/Officers, and Principal Investigators.

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Key Learning Points:

Participants in the session will:

  • Learn about impact and what it means for HE institutions
  • Learn about The Research Leader’s Impact Toolkit and the benefits of an institutionally-embedded approach to research impact
  • Learn how to access and apply the tools, for example to develop a Research Impact Strategy, impact training for researchers, or an impact capture system

Presented By:

Dr Elizabeth MorrowLeadership Foundation for Higher Education
Professor Fiona Ross CBELeadership Foundation for Higher Education
Will WadeLeadership Foundation for Higher Education

Additional Information:

Theme: Translation
Level: Leadership
Time: 01:23
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 11B

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