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01:15 - 08:00
6th Jun 2017

Room: Auditorium (Hall 1A)

Universities are currently faced by more challenges than opportunities. Focusing on research, its impact and the role of universities in building a nation’s economic and social prosperity through research is increasingly understood and celebrated around the world. Indeed this has frequently been the very strategy that the research community and funders have used to make the case for securing investment.

The challenge now is to demonstrate this and to exemplify the importance of investment in research to maintain research  excellence and  impact. Sometimes this becomes more complex in a very dynamic policy environment, such as we have in the UK at the moment. Vice chancellors and their senior management teams face many strategic choices including balancing bottom up and top down. Making the right decisions will require a strong evidence base and an awareness of one’s own research strengths and that of other institutions. In all of this Geography has increased an importance. How do you determine your local collaboration strategy, the opportunities for promoting cross department activities, interactions  regionally, nationally and internationally, when Brexit is still under discussion? In this presentation I will discuss the role of Geography in research strategy and its execution, and make observations on why this might have a gender dimension.

Not to consider these matters will be very foolhardy in the rapidly altering UK landscape.

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Theme: Plenary Session
Level: Leadership, Management, Operational / Administration
Time: 01:15 - 08:00
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Auditorium (Hall 1A)

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