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7th Jun 2017

Room: Room 4A

The UK research information management landscape is highly complex. HEIs manage their research information in systems ranging from basic spreadsheets / repositories to integrated commercial CRIS systems, with or without a separate repository. Other stakeholders (government, funders and publishers) employ an equally diverse range. As a result, the UK has a network of ‘information islands’ with limited interoperability, making the burden of reporting and assessment an ever present issue. Recent high profile reviews (the Metric Tide, Stern Review of the REF, Science Europe Statement on Research Information Systems) highlight the advantages of an open and integrated research information management infrastructure. However, given the diversity of systems and practices the pace of change tends to be slow. Jisc and others have been carrying out work to investigate the feasibility of a federated national research information infrastructure which could pave the way to a longer term solution to these issues, as well as open up the potential to fully exploit this rich network of systems and services, both within the UK and internationally. There are a number of challenges in turning concept into reality, particularly given the changing landscape of the market as well as changes to the structures of research funding in the UK. This session will outline and assess the current state of the UK research information infrastructure and its ability to effectively support research management and assessment. It will provide a forum to discuss what can be done quickly / easily to advance the goal of ‘enter once, use often’ and how we can exploit the full range of services and systems available. We will discuss standards, identifiers, REF, open indicators (including open citation metrics based on text mining and altmetrics), placing these in an international context of working with global standards.

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Key Learning Points:

  • A fuller understanding of the UK research information management landscape, its complexities and challenges
  • An awareness of the issues that need to be tackled to advance towards an open and integrated landscape
  • How the UK RIM landscape fits into a wider international network of research information systems.

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Theme: Management Information
Level: Management
Time: 01:23
Date: 7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 4A

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