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7th Jun 2017

Room: Room 3B

this session will discuss how to foster an impact culture in an university setting using a work in progress case study.  Fostering an organisational culture which considers impact at every critical point of the teaching/research process requires the combination of both policy structures and individuals as well as the necessary IT infrastructure to support these activity.  This session will describe how this has been achieved in a medium sized College (~700 staff) and how this feeds into the wider University strategic priorities.

Key Learning Points:

attendees will:

  • get an understanding of the impact agenda beyond REF
  • get an understanding of the policy mechanisms available to create a step change towards a comprehensive impact culture
  • be able to articulate the different ‘levels’ at which organisational change must take place so that individuals and organisational structures can move towards an integrated impact agenda

Presented By:

Carlos Galan-DiazUniversity of Glasgow

Additional Information:

Theme: Translation
Level: Leadership
Time: 11:30
Date: 7th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3B

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