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6th Jun 2017

Room: Room 3B

Whether through being entirely new to the profession, through moving institutions, or through internal restructures, research development, impact, and other research support staff will often face starting (or starting again) from scratch supporting new groups of academics. Even for experienced research development staff, this can be a shock to the system.

Often we start (again) with little knowledge of our new academic colleagues or they of us. How do we go about learning about research strengths and ambitions, about research group culture(s), and getting to know the key people? How do we go about establishing our reputation as someone to work with who can add value, rather than around as just another layer of the adminisphere? What ‘quick wins’ are available in getting to know colleagues, and getting yourself known?

In this session, delegates will hear short presentations from colleagues who have ‘started from scratch’ in the last 6-9 months in a variety of contexts – research development and impact staff, levels of experience, reasons for moving roles, academic disciplines supported – who will talk about their experiences and what they have learned. The session will be highly interactive, with small group discussions for those who have started from scratch and those who are – or who might be – starting from scratch again soon.

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Key Learning Points:

  • Learn from colleagues who have made similar transitions into new roles and find out about what has worked well and what hasn’t
  • Have the opportunity to discuss (a) their experiences in recent job changes; or (b) their plans and expectations, hopes and fears, for a forthcoming change.
  • Develop their own strategy for their next role and/or reflect on their own progress in their current one

Presented By:

Adam GolbergUniversity of Nottingham
Alisha PeartNorthumbria University
Emma BowenDurham University
Rommany JenkinsBirmingham City University

Additional Information:

Theme: Research Management & Administration Development
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 3B

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