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01:18 - 05:00
6th Jun 2017

Room: Room 14

Demonstrating how you will achieve real-world impact is becoming more and more important in research and innovation funding proposals. Many funders consider intersectoral collaboration – particularly between universities and businesses – central to achieving such impact, and the challenges it presents remain a persistent topic of interest for all concerned. This session will look at how, at the dawn of a new UK industrial strategy, business engagement and outreach can be encouraged among university researchers, so that the at times divergent interests of universities and businesses can be better aligned when it comes to bidding for funding. It will address how university-business collaboration may be challenged by emerging themes in the funding landscape, such as mission-oriented call topics and the wider use of output-based funding

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The learning outcome will be pointers and knowledge-sharing of good practice in university-business engagement in a changing funding landscape.

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Theme: Translation
Level: Management
Time: 01:18 - 05:00
Date: 6th Jun 2017
Room: Room 14

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