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01:25 - 05:00
8th Jun 2016

Room: Salisbury

No one will deny that a good research culture is a key factor in research success but what do we mean by a good research culture? How do we know what it feels like to have one and if we think we don’t have one, is there anything we can do to create one? ‘Getting the culture right’ is not always easy, particularly with the conflicting priorities and stresses that are part of higher education today. This workshop will explore what is meant by research culture, what is a “good” culture and why it is so important to ‘get it right’. In particular it will examine the role Research Support professionals are, could be, or should be playing in helping to shape the research culture of their institutions. The session will start with a presentation followed by group discussion and an exchange of best practice focusing in particular on the role of Research Support and the challenges and opportunities faced. Preferably delegates will have some experience of or involvement in research strategy at School, Faculty or University level.

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Theme: Policy and Governance
Level: Management
Time: 01:25 - 05:00
Date: 8th Jun 2016
Room: Salisbury

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