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01:23 - 05:15
8th Jun 2016

Room: Norfolk

As with many institutions, the process of Ethics Approval at Brunel University involves multiple stakeholders and departments each requiring different information from applicants. Ethics at Brunel is managed through three College Research Offices – Health and Life Sciences, Business Arts and Social Sciences and Engineering Design and Physical Sciences.   Over the past year Brunel has streamlined the approval and review process by implementing one central system, which is used by all Colleges for all applications. Infonetica’s online ethics management software Ethics Review Manager was chosen for this purpose. Brunel’s College Research Managers worked closely with the Governance, Information and Legal Office and Infonetica to configure and test the software before it launched in July 2015. The session will focus on the experience of implementing the system from the College perspective, sharing the lessons learned in applying a standardised procedure to the very diverse academic disciplines within the University. There will be an opportunity for participants to view Brunel’s Ethics RM system and understand the processes the University has put in place. The session will also provide a forum to discuss best practice for ethics review approval more generally.

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Theme: Policy and Governance
Level: Management
Time: 01:23 - 05:15
Date: 8th Jun 2016
Room: Norfolk

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