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01:18 - 05:45
8th Jun 2016

Room: Cambridge

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Many researchers consider that publishing their work in a journal or book is “job done” in terms of dissemination. Of course, this is not so, for many reasons: firstly, the language of formal publication often limits the audience that can understand the work.  Secondly, publishers have limited capacity for really promoting the work – this is particularly true for articles in journals, very few of which get the “special treatment” of press releases and social media campaigns. With ever-higher expectations of impact among e.g. funders and institutions, and increasing use of article-level metrics to evaluate researcher performance, what can researchers do to give their work the best chance of being found, read and applied by as broad an audience as possible? Given the overlap between different support departments within an institution, who should lead in constructing and customizing guidance to help both individuals and institutions? What models of collaboration are emerging? What techniques can be learnt to increase the likelihood of works being found and understood by broader audiences? How can we motivate researcher participation, and how can we amplify and learn from their efforts? These questions and more will be explored as a group during the workshop.

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Theme: TBA
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18 - 05:45
Date: 8th Jun 2016
Room: Cambridge
Sponsored by: Kudos

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