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01:18 - 05:45
8th Jun 2016

Room: Surrey

The problem of compliance with a range of UK and EC research funder policies remains urgent, important and challenging for research managers and associated professionals. This session will introduce and demonstrate a number of new and emerging Jisc services and tools developed in response to this identified sector need.  Around OA publication Jisc services will be described that help research managers find the right information at the right time, to make informed decisions about compliance, enable them to report more easily to funders, to provide support to researchers who are often subject to multiple policies, to make their institutions’ research more visible and impactful, and to track its use.  In addition, the session will outline the work Jisc is doing on behalf of universities to simplify the policy environment.  For research data management we will outline Jisc’s RDM Shared Services solution and the progress that has been made with the pilot institutions who are implementing it.  This will help professionals understand the requirements of these systems, the possible advantages of shared solutions and the challenges in implementing and integrating these systems with existing architectures. Research professionals will learn how the RDM infrastructure has been integrated with other reporting systems and the reporting functionality that has been designed for research data. Further to this, we will include a demo of the Jisc’s experimental IRUSdataUK, a COUNTER-compliant research data download metrics service, and an overview of wider work on citations and altmetric approaches.

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Theme: Management Information
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18 - 05:45
Date: 8th Jun 2016
Room: Surrey

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