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01:25 - 05:00
7th Jun 2016

Room: Salisbury

We are at a significant watershed in the funding of research. Both arms of the dual funding system – QR funding (who is responsible for it, and what REF process should be used to distribute it?) and project funding (the governance structures of the research councils and their oversight by Government) – are under review, but unfulfilled commitments to the full funding of research are not.  The Funders’ Forum will give delegates the opportunity to ask questions of representatives of the major funders using a Question Time-style approach discussion of everything from their own plans and strategies in the broader national policy context, to the logistics of their funding calls. Delegates will be offered opportunities to raise questions in advance of the panel session and on th day, from the floor. Come prepared to engage in discussion and debate, and make the most of this rare opportunity shape funders’ own thinking as well as developing your own.

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Theme: Policy and Governance
Level: Management
Time: 01:25 - 05:00
Date: 7th Jun 2016
Room: Salisbury

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