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01:25 - 05:00
7th Jun 2016

Room: Surrey

There is evidence that the number of doctoral researchers reporting mental health issues is on the increase. The language employed is changing – from ‘stress-buster workshop’ to ‘build your own resilience’. In effect, this approach places the onus on the individual student to recognise that the going will be tough and to toughen themselves up to deal with it. The reality is that pressures of PhD study itself can drain candidates of their emotional capacity. The University of Southampton Doctoral College and Enabling Services are leading a project which aims to review the pastoral care needs of its postgraduate researchers and the effectiveness of non-academic support to formulate a set of recommendations for implementation. It will also investigate supervisors’ perceptions of non-academic support. Insight will be gained through desktop research, surveys, focus groups, case studies and visits to other Universities. The session will present initial findings and act as a platform for discussing key complex problems around pastoral care needs and non-academic support for postgraduate researchers.

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Theme: Postgraduate Researchers
Level: Management
Time: 01:25 - 05:00
Date: 7th Jun 2016
Room: Surrey

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