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01:25 - 05:00
7th Jun 2016

Room: Cambridge

The cross-council funded Connected Communities Programme has funded over 300 projects based on collaboration between a wide range of community organisations and academics from a variety of disciplines. From an administrative perspective this has raised many challenges for the way university administration operates; from contracts and finance procedures to issues of diversity and inclusion. This session will reflect on what we have learned as administrators and what changes we have made, and offer some practical advice to participants. We will also ask participants to engage with some questions about the challenges and ethics of this kind of collaboration. This session will conclude with a look at how research administrators and managers can help universities better engage with communities in the future and how this can contribute to the funding profile of an institution.

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Theme: Project Lifetime
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:25 - 05:00
Date: 7th Jun 2016
Room: Cambridge

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