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01:23 - 05:15
7th Jun 2016

Room: Surrey

The purpose of this SIG is to help answer questions, provide support, share best practise and provide access to resources and expertise in the area of assurance including advice from auditors.  Sponsors are forever making changes to their terms and conditions which has an impact on audit and assurance.  This year has probably seen some of the most significant changes.  We need only look at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (NIH), European Commission Framework Programme and Research Councils UK to realise the landscape has changed dramatically from a year or two ago.  In the past year there has been a slow start to networking but the intention is to boost this significantly over the coming year with a number of events focussed on changes to the audit landscape.  This will be done through audit webinars, SKYPE or video conferencing meetings and potentially face to face discussions.  It is important however that all members provide input into those areas that they find challenging to ensure that these sessions are targeted at addressing these issues.  This session will begin with a brief introduction to the SIG and events held earlier in the year.  We will then break out into groups so that you may ask any questions and share concerns you may have with individuals who have significant experience and expertise with a range of sponsors.  This will also be an opportunity for you to have your say and what it is you would like to get out of the SIG and what information you would most be interested in.

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Theme: SIG
Level: TBA
Time: 01:23 - 05:15
Date: 7th Jun 2016
Room: Surrey

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