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01:18 - 05:45
7th Jun 2016

Room: Cambridge

As Higher Education Institutions look to further their aims through overseas partnerships, they can yield great benefits.  But at the same time such partnerships can present a greater range of risks and external factors to assess and manage.  The objective of this session is to give you a finance and risk based perspective on setting up a new scheme, project or activity in an Low and Middle Income Country (“LMIC”) context.  We will consider the following:
– what is finance risk?
– how do we assess it?
– what do we do to manage finance risk?
– how can financial risk management this facilitate (and not hinder) the activity?
The session is presented by the Wellcome Trust who will talk you through how we assess and mitigate the financial risk of our direct and indirect international funding in medium and high risk settings, using examples from our recent funding schemes.  We will discuss the pros and cons of our approach and invite delegates to share their experience and ideas.

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Theme: Project Lifetime
Level: Operational / Administration
Time: 01:18 - 05:45
Date: 7th Jun 2016
Room: Cambridge

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