Lauren Wilson (Research Systems Manager, University of Stirling)
Lisa Idebolo (Research Policy Officer, University of Stirling)


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The narrative regarding issues facing women in higher education and research has set the context for two Aurora projects, investigating women’s research performance at the University of Stirling. We have analysed research performance by gender across the University – REF inclusion, research grant applications, application values and PhD supervisory rates. We are surveying staff to gather opportunities and barriers in research and excelling in research despite possible obstacles. This will inform the acceleration of women’s advancement in research at Stirling through local quantitative and anecdotal evidence, enabling tailored equality strategies, recognising our uniqueness, such as existing gender balance and distinctive disciplinary mix. We will share findings and strategies, encouraging Universities to investigate tailoring this to their institutions. This poster will be a career pipeline, illustrating how women ‘leak’ from it, leaving few advancing to the top. This will include statistics, facts, anecdotes and our strategies that are combating these issues.

Key Messages

Where the gaps exist between men and women in research careers.
Not just statistics, but anecdotal evidence of real women’s experiences in research.
How to apply our findings and locally developed strategies to their own institutions.