Vicky Williams (CEO, Research Media Ltd)
Fiona Colligan (Head of Piirus, Piirus); Rob Johnson (Director, Research Consulting Limited)

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We are undertaking a survey from November 2015 until January 2016 to gather researcher perspectives on career breaks and their perceived and real impact. The survey is being designed by specialists and will be run by Previous surveys by have received over 3000 responses and we expect this one to surpass this response rate. Why this subject? This is an area of substantial interest and intervention, yet still surrounded by a sense that we haven’t got the solution quite right yet. Our aim is to take the pulse of the sector, first by survey and then by taking these findings out to open the debate. The poster will graphically illustrate a summary of the findings and will seek to engage delegates with the findings. The poster will complement the panel session being held on the same topic.

Key Messages

Understanding of researcher perspectives on career breaks and their impact.
Illustration of what this means for those from the profession that support researchers.
Discussion about what this tells us for what we could do locally, where there are gaps and opportunities