Mrs Sue Rooke (Research Office Manager, Leeds Beckett University)
Ms Vicki Crossley (Research Administrator, Leeds Beckett University); Mrs Cat Brooke (Research Administrator, Leeds Beckett University)

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Funding was awarded to investigate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of peer-based interventions to maintain and improve health in prisons. Costings were included to assign an administrator to the project leaving academics to do academic tasks, and for the administrator to perform managerial/academic tasks. Administrative support was provided to service Advisory, Steering and Research Group meetings; design a website and update content; establish an online register of interest; organise an Expert Symposium to gather expert opinion on whether and how peer-based approaches work within prisons in England and Wales; attend focus groups in prisons, produce a final report and lay summary; organise and plan a final dissemination event. We will demonstrate that, in a non-traditional research support office, post-award support is more than agreeing the terms of the Contract and financial management/monitoring and assigning an administrator is of added value to research.

Key Messages

Post-award administration is more than agreeing the terms of and conditions of the Contract.
Being involved in the delivery of a research project is interesting and rewarding.
Some research data collection can be delegated to an experienced administrator rather than an academic researcher.